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5 ways to be smart about money when you’re young and single

A commonly misunderstood millennial stereotype is the age group’s spending habits – eating out regularly, spending money on travel and not thinking about saving for long-term goals. However, studies show that millennials are focused on saving, investing and paying down their debt.

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How to transition to retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement – prioritizing your goals along the way. We know how exciting retirement can be after years of hard work. So have you considered how you’re going to spend your “me time”? How long you’ll live is an important factor that impacts how long your money needs to last. Canadians are living longer than before, which means you’ll likely need more to support your retirement dreams.

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The Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is an important part of any retirement plan. But most people I talk to tell me they have no idea if they’ve qualified or how much they’ll get. They’re not counting on it being available when they retire, so they’ve never looked at it.

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