Nahanni Akroyd

A money-free weekend!

Looking to cut back a little? Want to experiment with living with less? Try taking a money-free weekend! With a little planning, you can find lots of great activities to do, that don’t cost a cent.

To start, check the pages of What’s On Digest for free activities. Go to your local library. Walk in any of our local, provincial and national parks – all free to visit in 2017. Do a deep spring clean and donate anything in good condition that you don’t need. Meet your neighbours. Volunteer at an event or at the charity of your choice. Take a free online course, listen to TEDtalks or educational podcasts.

Re-visit an old hobby, using the materials that have been sitting there waiting for you! Set up and do a scavenger hunt with friends. Clean up your Facebook and other social media. Call someone you’ve been thinking about. Make a loaf of homemade bread. Take the labels off of five cans and make a meal with three of them! Have some fun and step outside your usual activities, whatever they are.

Are you curious about using your money wisely? Let’s meet and review your priorities.