Nahanni Akroyd

Can I retire ?

It’s no wonder that summer vacations lead to questions about retirement. You’re relaxed and having fun, sleeping in or getting lots done. Taking a break from work and your usual routine may spark some questions about whether you really have to go back to work. Having an honest look at your expectations in retirement is an important part of this process.

I often say to clients that financially they’re going to be fine in retirement, as long as they don’t suddenly take up some expensive hobbies! Do you want to travel extensively or are you planning to stay close to home? Are you supporting family members? If you retire at 60 and plan to live to 90, that is 30 years that need to be funded. Do you have a mortgage or expensive rent? Are your grandchildren all living in far off places?

Picturing your retirement lifestyle is an important part of the process and its fun.

Are you curious about whether you can retire? Let’s meet and review.